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Welcome to King City

Unparalleled luxury, peace, and privacy nestled in nature's bounty
Immerse yourself in an environment where tranquility and high-end luxury converge, presenting an ideal sanctuary for discerning individuals. Welcome to King City, an exceptional Canadian community in the township of King, Ontario. Seated 40 kilometres north of Toronto, King City reigns as the principal community within the King township, showcasing a captivating blend of stately dwellings amidst the glorious beauty of nature.

With an ambiance that reflects peace, luxury, and privacy, King City is the quintessential destination for those seeking an exceptional standard of living. Enclosed by a landscape steeped in natural grandeur, King City crafts an unparalleled lifestyle that balances convenience with the tranquility rarely found so close to city centers.

What to Love

  • Spacious lots offering grandeur and exclusivity
  • An idyllic, peaceful ambiance perfect for relaxation
  • Ideal locale for luxury home seekers
  • An optimal community for both new and mature families
  • Cherished privacy ensures a serene living environment

Local Lifestyle

King City is not just a locale but a lifestyle defined by elegance, privacy, and a close-knit community feel. As the most significant neighbourhood in King, King City is the hub of local governance, cultural, and heritage centers. The unique charm of heritage homes dotting the streets at King Road and Keele Street enhances the area's appeal, while local amenities — including a hockey arena, community hall, seniors center, public library, and a large sports park – ensure a diverse and enriched lifestyle.

Nestled within the Humber River watershed, King City is a guardian of vast conservation lands that offer endless recreational activities along the King City Trails. With the Go Train providing convenient commuting and Highway 400 forming the western border, King City is a dream for those seeking seclusion and easy access to Toronto or Barrie and cottage country.

Dining, Entertainment, & Shopping

Embrace the magic of King City's charm by exploring its myriad dining and entertainment options. Here you can discover a treasure trove of local delights in the heart of breathtaking natural beauty. The community’s vibrant dining scene offers a range of gastronomic delights to satiate every palate. Some favourites include LOCALE and Hogan's Restaurant.

Whether you're in the mood for a leisurely brunch or a sumptuous dinner, The Roost Cafe ensures an exceptional culinary journey. Moreover, the cozy feel amplifies the dining experience, turning every meal into a memorable affair.

For those seeking entertainment, King City does not disappoint. The town is a gateway to a host of recreational activities. Whether you fancy a quiet fishing afternoon or an adventurous hiking journey along King City Trail, King City caters to all desires. After a long day, relax in style amidst top-notch amenities and accommodations.

Things to Do

King City is a playground for those who love to explore. King City offers many recreational opportunities against the backdrop of stunning natural beauty. Enjoy a refreshing hike, catch a serene sunset, or simply soak in the spectacular landscapes that characterize this wonderful community. Likewise, there are plenty of indoor activities, like those at the King City Arena & Community Centre. Lace up your skates and step onto the rink with friends or an instructor.  If you’re looking for a spot to cool off in the warm summer months, visit The Kingbridge Centre.

Additionally, King City also boasts an array of cultural attractions. The town's rich history and heritage are reflected in the many landmarks and points of interest that punctuate the area. This can include a trip to King City Memorial Park or Sir Henry Pellatt's Barn of Marylake. Whether you're a history buff or simply curious about the past, a tour around King City's historic sites is a must-do activity.

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